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Boreal Beast is believed to produce some of the best honeyberry fruits in terms of flavor and aroma. A touch smaller that the Boreal Blizzard, berries from this variety average about 2 grams each. Boreal Beast fruit is more firm than many other varieties of Haskap. The plants grow upright and are slightly spreading. They tend to be the more vigorous growers than other Haskap varieties. This variety is important for pollination of Boreal Blizzard because it has an overlapping bloom time and is genetically compatible. It ripens about a week after Blizzard, and can hang onto its fruit longer.


Young potted plants, appoximately 6 - 12 inches in height. Honeyberries tolerate a much wider range of soil acidity, up to pH neutral and even slightly alkaline. Unlike blueberries, minimal site/soil prep--if any--is needed for these plants.

Boreal Beast Haskap (Honeyberry)

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