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Berry Plants

*NEW, more convenient, blueberry option in 2024* Growing blueberries can be quite challenging in this part of Minnesota, due to a more neutral to alkaline soil found in the area. This reality usually entails having to prepare your blueberry site with acidifying agents (e.g., sulfur, etc.) well before being able to safely put your plants in the ground. Sometimes, this prep period can take a year or more! We have come up with a strategy to help overcome this issue. In 2024, we plan to begin offering blueberry plants in pre-acidified potting soil, contained in large pulp-based pots. This will allow you to immediately drop blueberry plants, pot and all, straight into the ground. The large volume pots will allow your plant roots to comfortably grow throughout the acidic potting soil while the prepped surrounding soil can become properly acidified over the course of the growing season. The following year, your then-established blueberry plant roots will be able to safely commence their growth and expansion beyond the pulp-based pot material into the surround soil. Keep an eye on the site during the upcoming growing season for pricing and availability.

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