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This variety of Haskap produces some of the largest berries of any other, averaging 2.8 grams/berry. Some berries from this variety are said to approach 5 grams! The flavor is excellent. The closer to the peak of ripness this berry is harvested, the better the flavor profile. 


The Boreal Blizzard is one of two different Boreal varieties we carry. The other one is Boreal Beast. The Boreal series of Haskap are considered late producers; later that most other Haskap, making Boreal Haskaps a great way to extend your Honeyberry season. However, because they are later than most--if not all--others, you will want to have a different Boreal-variety Haskap to ensure adequate cross-pollination. It is recommended to not have a ratio greater that 4-5 of one Boreal variety to 1 of another Boreal variety.


Young potted plants, appoximately 6 - 12 inches in height. Honeyberries tolerate a much wider range of soil acidity than blueberries, up to pH-neutral and even slightly alkaline. Unlike blueberries, minimal site/soil prep--if any--is needed for these plants.

Boreal Blizzard Haskap (Honeyberry)

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