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Large, 3- to 4-year-old plants in 2+gallon pots are are already 3+ feet tall.


Ranch elderberry is among the most cold hardy of black elderberry palnts. It can tolerate climates as cold as USDA zone 3. It grows to a shorter stature than most other elderberries, making it a great choice for where space is limited. Ranch grows in a wide variety of soil types, and is even considered to be the most tolerant of poor, non-fertile soils. 


Elderberry has been recognized as an effective immune system booster and abundant source of antioxidants. See the links below for evidence-based research findings in support of this powerful superfood. These are just two study examples from a wealth of research with findings that support the superior health benefits of elderberry products.

Elderberry -- Ranch (Largest, most mature elderberry plant we carry)

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