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Magenta lingonberry is a vigorous grower to 12 to 15 inches in height. This variety is also know for its high yields, very deep red and large berries. Lingonberry plants available are growing in a 4 inch pot with young 3 to 4 inch tall plants. 


Lingonberries are another powerful superfood, loaded with anthocyanins. They are a spreading, low-growing shrub, native to the boreal forests and arctic tudra. Obviously, more than hardy enough for our Minnesota climate. The small shrubs bear red to deep-red (ruby) sweet, tart fruits. In scandanavian countries, lingonberries are commonly used in jams and syrups.


Like currants and many other berries, lingonberries will tolerate partial shade, but will produce more berries with more direct sunlight. Lingonberries are self-pollinating, but more than one variety in proximity to eachother will produce greater yields and bigger fruits. That's why we offer at least two different varieties. The plants prefer an acidic soil, just like blueberries.  That makes these plants a great option for filling in empty spaces around your blueberry plants, to maximize productivity of your space. See the "supplies" section for elemental sulfur that we offer by the pound. 

Lingonberry -- Magenta

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